Sunday, January 13, 2013

मिस्टर गार्डेनर {Mr. Gardener}

 माधव के स्कुल मे Parents Orientation के दौरान हमें दो  स्टोरी सुनाई गयी थी . पहली स्टोरी थी - स्टोरी ऑफ दार्जिलिंग बॉय {Story of Darjeeling Boy} और दुसरी स्टोरी थी मिस्टर गार्डेनर {Mr. Gardener}. 

मिस्टर गार्डेनर {Mr. Gardener} की स्टोरी  भी  बहुत ही प्रेरणादायक थी.  कहानी के अंश अंगरेजी मे :

स्टोरी ऑफ मिस्टर गार्डेनर {Story of Mr. Gardener}

Mr. Gardener was a man in love with flowers. To grow all sorts of flowers was his only aim in life. To talk to his flowers, look at them, to enjoy their fragrance was all his delight. One day, he called his friends to his garden for a party. At the end of the party, he gifted each one of them with a bag of seeds. 
                            As they left, one of them murmured- 'why should I waste my precious time cultivating flowers. There are more important things in life than flowers" saying this he threw the bag away. 

   Another guest said 'these seeds are really good. Not now, later on, when I have some leisure, I will cultivate them.' when he reached home, he kept the bag in one of the drawers of his desk, never to open it again. 

The third guest said to himself 'Oh I love flowers but I have no time to cultivate them myself. I will get someone else to do it for me.' He called his servant and ordered him to cultivate the seeds for him. The seeds never bloomed to the full. The servant cultivated them just for a wage, not for love.

             Finally full of enthusiasm, another guest exclaimed 'I love flowers ! I will cultivate these seeds with all my love and care." He spent on them the time and energy they deserved. The seeds sprouted and grew to give beautiful flowers and his garden was as beautiful, as colorful and as scented as the one of Mr. Gardener.


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